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About Amaha Electrical

In 1994, AMAHA Electrical was originally established as FPI Electrical, Inc. with the goal of providing superior electrical contracting services. We strive to provide the highest quality electrical installations in the safest and most efficient work environment. Let our expertise in process, co-generation, and gas transmission electrical construction go to work for you. We have capability to meet your exact requirements no matter how technically demanding and schedule intensive your project may be.

Today, AMAHA Electrical is one of the capital regions most trusted and industry leading electrical contractors and are committed to leading the industry in safety advancements, workforce training and customer satisfaction providing customer service at a level that no large corporation could provide.

Our Mission & Values

Our Corporate Mission

AMAHA Electrical Inc. will select and train our employees to provide our customers with a new Standard of Quality, Craftsmanship, Safety, and Technical Support at a competitive price. We will provide timely, versatile and guaranteed services, custom tailored to meet the individual needs of those we serve.

Our Corporate Values

Our corporate philosophy for delivering excellent service stems from our core values which are:

  • Professionalism – We deliver our services to our clients with integrity and professionalism that are above customary in the electrical industry.
  • Excellence – Completing all our projects regardless of size, on time, right the first time, and under budget remains our practice.  We achieve this through proper planning, coordination and teamwork.
  • Dependability – We gain and maintain the trust of our clients by consistently adhering to our commitments.

Amaha On Safety

AMAHA On Safety

Safety is and will all always be a top concern at AMAHA. Even more important then getting the job done on time the first time is the safety of both our clients and our employees. We invite all of our employees and clients to immediately halt work and notify management if at ANY TIME an activity being conducted by AMAHA Electrical or a subcontractor of AMAHA is acting in an unsafe manor.

Our Management Team

Our Management Team

For twenty one years AMAHA has focused on maintaining a solid, extremely experienced, and effective management team. AMAHA believes that maintaining a management team that clients come to know and trust is pivotal in providing our customers with the experience they deserve and have come to expect from AMAHA. AMAHA’s management team has well over a century of combined experience, and that experience shows in every project AMAHA completes.

Our Vision Statement

AMAHA Electrical Inc. will be recognized as the preferred supplier of instrumentation, communication, industrial and heavy commercial electrical application contract services. We will be highly respected for the Quality, Craftsmanship, Safety, and Technical abilities of our employees.

Company History

Company History

AMAHA Electrical was originally founded in 1994 as FPI Electrical INC, a sister company of the well known and respected FPI Mechanical. Over the past twenty one years AMAHA has earned and maintained the same level of industry respect and dependability that were synonymous with company founders Terry Ambrosino and Robert Breyo, master electricians and industry leaders.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

AMAHA Electrical, Inc. recognizes our responsibility to the community.

We support numerous community organizations and encourage the involvement of our employees in support of the various causes that they feel are important. In many cases, we work in partnership with our employees in their volunteer efforts.

The organizations shown on this page are a few of the groups with which AMAHA and our employees have historically been involved.